It IS My Pleasure

It IS my pleasure…that is my standard email answer at work when someone sends me a thank you.

You may be thinking that I am over exaggerating my response but I’m speaking the truth. It is nice to be thanked. I’m not saying that every moment of my job is rainbows and glitter but generally speaking I love what I do. No two days are the same. As a matter of fact my job description changes as the needs of the company change. For some, this type of work atmosphere would bring on anxiety. But it is how I like to roll.

When the day comes where I cannot sign my email with, “it is my pleasure”, I will know my job is done.

Daring to…Let Go part 2

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement.  I am a few days into the experience and yes there is a light.  Not that anything outwardly has changed, but I am experiencing a sense of peace.  Life is full of rich experiences and this is one of those, “How am I going to reflect on this experience?”  The way I see it I have two choices.  I can say “thank you” to the Powers that be and realize that great internal growth is happening or I can feel slighted and upset for what I perceive as ingratitude.  Both choices are very real to me and I leaned towards the slighted theory at first because that was the easiest to accept (no internal work on my part if I choose this option).  However after thinking about the situations at hand, I realize that this is just another opportunity for spiritual growth.

“Life is a chance to grow a soul.”~ Powell Davies

Life goes on, so will I.