Staying Flexible in the Face of Changes

How flexible are you?  If you can clasp your hands behind your back congratulations!  But that’s not what I’m talking about.  How flexible are you when it comes to living and creating your life?

Are you exactly where you imagined yourself to be at this point?  What if you have done your best to create a new reality for yourself yet it has not come to fruition as you envisioned?  What then?  Do you abandon all your hopes and dreams and just give up?  This place of doubt must go away in order for the possibility of your dreams to continue.  If you have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne then you understand the Law of Attraction.  You get in life what you put your energy into whether great success or failure.  The key is to have patience and faith that the Universe (God) answers your prayers in a divine timing.  When we ask for opportunities we often put conditions on the terms in how we receive it, leaving no room for the Universe to offer our wishes in the way that we are divinely supposed to receive.  I am most guilty of this!

After quitting my job as an Admin Assistant last December, I thought I would blaze a trail and finish my book in record time.  I would get my website together and have clientele built up so that I would not have to work for someone else.  In the meantime, I became spiritually stiff and unwilling to allow the steps to unfold because I already had it figured out.  It was MY plan and by golly it was going to work because I said so.  Folks, don’t try this at home…let me save you some time and energy.  What I learned (a lesson I’ve oft-repeated) is that there are more steps to creating a passionate life than simply wishing it to be so.  Here is what I have learned:

  1. Be very specific and write your wishes/desires on paper or somewhere it can be seen.
  2. Be in a state of gratitude as if it has already has happened.  The Universe flows faster and easier when we are in a state of gratitude.
  3. Now let go and hand it over to the Universe (Let go, Let God).  Surrender yourself to the ways of the Universe.
  4. Allow divine timing to reign over your desires.  Appreciate all the steps in the process.
  5. Let go of the your own ideas about how it should happen.  We often miss opportunities because we are blinded by our own interpretations of how our life should evolve.

The last statement reminds me of a story I heard as a kid.  There was a great flood and a man was standing on his roof praying to God to save him.  A boat captain passed by and said, “Come on board, I’ll save you”.  The man said, “That’s okay, God is going to save me”.  A helicopter rescue team lowered their ladder and the man again refused stating that God would save him.  Several other opportunities presented themselves but the man adamantly refused help.  He drowned and in the presence of God he asked, “God why didn’t you save me?”  God answered, “I sent you a boat, a helicopter and countless opportunities”.

So here I am about to go back to work full-time.  It is not how I pictured my life going as I strive to live my passion.  My attachment to how the process should happen has clouded my view of what is.  What is happening?  Now that I’ve been hit with the “Aha” stick right between the eyes again, I can see that there is still much work for me to do.  There are steps that must be taken to grow to my fullest potential.  Since being humbled by this realization a funny thing has happened.  Opportunities to live my passion are now presenting themselves!  I thought all along that having lots of spare time was what I needed to make it happen but I was wrong.  It is not about how busy I am but more importantly that I can help to support my family while I grow and develop my gifts.  It is about letting go of the fear of having to make a living with my gifts.  Now that is a blessing.

I start my new job in two weeks and I am very excited.  This job was offered in such a divine time for me and it is perfect for my needs.  I am thankful for the windfall opportunity.  I’m also thankful for the chance to take this job to the next level (whatever that means).  I’m not even going to imagine what that means because I have faith that the Universe is infinitely more creative than I am and it will surpass my wildest dreams ♥.

Yes YOU Can!!!

4:45 a.m. is a very dark and quiet hour.  My feet clamor out of bed and I head to the kitchen and fill a water bottle to the brim.  I do my best to force eight ounces of water down my throat before getting dressed in gym clothes that I set out the night before.  I look at the clock and see that I have 20 minutes to get to my destination.  As I get in my car and drive, I think about all the steps that I have had to take to get me to the present moment.

Since when did I get up at 4:45 a.m.?  When did I become a morning person?  And how the hell did I decide to start running at the age of 44?  That’s where the story really gets interesting.

It was nine chapters (nine years) ago in my book of life and I was very sick.  No longer satisfied with my quality of life, I made some big changes.   As I started the process of healing, I began to have a vision that one day I would be running races.  The vision was so distinct that I actually saw it happening in my mind.  That was an impossibility at the time.  It was an impossibility all of my life.  When I was a little girl I would try to run long distances and I would start to itch.  It started as a tingling in my legs and moved up throughout my body which turned into severe itching.  I would scratch like all hell to try to get rid of the feeling but always ended up with welts and bruises all over my body.  It was not a pretty sight so I didn’t run.  In junior high and high school I managed to get out of physical education because of other medical issues.  I never learned how to push my body to the limit.

At the age of thirty-six I began walking.  Walking was a great start.  I learned how to pace myself and keep the itching at a tolerable level without scratching myself silly.  I developed muscles that I didn’t know existed.  That was the first big accomplishment.   The vision of running still seemed like such an insurmountable goal.  But I kept on walking and added yoga to my routine.  That felt good and replenished my spirit as well.  At the age of thirty-seven I began going to the gym and pushed myself to the next level – weightlifting.  Boy was that a rush!  I loved the feeling of working out but hated the fifteen minutes on the treadmill.  It was absolute torture.  I would have to run until the tingling started and then walk at a fast pace to contain the discomfort.  When I met my soul mate in 2005, the workout routine went out the window!

Several years after a whirlwind romance and life makeover, I found myself missing the workout routine.  My body was craving fitness.  I was still not keen on the idea of running.  As a matter of fact, I hated the thought of running.  I gave myself a good pep talk and decided to start walking again.  I began to have a few nerve issues in my legs and went to see a chiropractor.  As I lay on my back, he held my head in his hands and did a quick jerk to the left and then to the right.  I have never heard my spine sound like that.  Then he twisted my torso and I heard so much popping that I thought he might have paralyzed me.  My husband was present and told me later that he thought it was the wood table that cracked but it was my spine!  Something magical happened in that moment that I cannot explain.  I immediately felt better and had an urge to run.  That feeling was so foreign to me that I wondered where the thought was coming from.  I began a walking/running interval training that week.  The itching was gone, almost as if it had never existed.  I kept thinking in the back of my mind that every time I pushed my body, the itching was soon to follow.  But it never came.

The vision is ever-present in my mind and I know that I will get to the point of running races.  Right now I am thankful that I have good health.  I’m ecstatic that I can run.  It is simply beyond my comprehension that I have the drive to get up at 4:45 in the morning and exercise.  What’s driving me?  I do know that it is not me.  It is a divine power that whispers in my ear and says, “Get up and take care of this amazing receptacle that you call a body.  It is your temple and it has to last you a lifetime.  You’ve been given a gift of good health in your next forty years.  Use it wisely.”


A Warrior to the End – Scizophrenia cannot define a courageous soul

If you have ever dealt with a family member who has had mental problems, then you know that there is fine line between holding them accountable for their actions and having compassion for them.  I’ll have to admit at times that having a brother who faces these challenges can be very frustrating for me.  But just when I feel that I am fed up with his antics and want to throw in the towel, a gentle voice reminds me to be thankful that I have my mental faculties and I can reason and function in society.  I know that he suffers from deep mental torment.  His world changes daily, oftentimes by the hour.  The question I always have in the back of my mind is, “When should I back off and allow him his experience and when should I try to intervene?”  There are no easy answers.  The best I can do is listen to my heart and hope that I can serve him for his greatest good.

In his more lucid moments we have deep convesations about life.  He is so intelligent.  I like to imagine him without the tortured soul.  In my mind he is gregarious, charming, and at peace.  Maybe peace is not in the cards for him this lifetime but I cannot help but feel that he is a courageous soul who once said, “Yes Creator, send me down to earth with a fragmented mind.  I will lovingly teach my family about compassion, unconditional love and gratitude.”  This poem is for you Dear Brother.  I love you!

A Warrior To The End

by Dina Neatherlin, Summer 2004

He hears the voices on any given day

They tell him what to think, what to say

He is in a far away place

He is neither here nor there

His mind transcends all reality

Making his life surreal.

He becomes confused at times

Not knowing what he feels.

He is like the glass that is broken,

Fragmented beyond repair.

He cannot be in the moment

Because he lives in the yesteryear

What is real, what is imagined?  He cannot say. 

He looks to others

To help him find his way.

In his mind the answers do not come

He wants peace, he wants love.

His tortured soul lives another day.

Where his journey ends I cannot say.

My heart aches for him and I say a little prayer

That he will rise above his afflictions

And conquer all his fear.

His divine soul he doesn’t know

He cannot comprehend

But I see his light shining bright

A warrior to the end.