The Art of Letting Go…to Get What You Really Want

Stop planning and begin embracing the Here and Now. I remember almost seven years ago, how I planned to work for a year and then quit my job to write a book. I had everything planned out and set expectations on how it would happen. Guess what? I am still with the same company and STILL writing my book!

Here is what I have realized:
1. Everything happens in Universal (God’s) time.
2. I am not in control of every step.
3. Work has been a blessing. I have had a lot of growth and experience in my job. In turn that experience has helped me to develop my gifts and talents.
4. Bloom where you are planted!

If you have a vision, desire, plan – you must do what you can to make it happen and then let go of all expectations. Allow it to come to you.

To sum it up:
1. Be centered, assured, believe in self. The more you believe the faster it will happen.
2. Let go of fear and negativity associated with past.
3. Let go of the need to plan.
4. Don’t question – ACCEPT!
5. Acknowledge that there is a Universal time that you do not control.

Embrace the art of letting go. Stay fluid and release physical attachments. Be grateful for all that happens in your life. You may be unaware of the path that you need to take in order to get to where you want to go.

This Son of Mine

My Boy is growing up.  He’s fourteen, kind, inquisitive, smart, witty, loving and wise beyond his years.

He came into my life at the tender age of 6.  He was a sensitive kid who cried a lot the first year of our blended family.  So many changes for a little fellow to deal with. 

In the beginning of our life together, we went through a lot of learning and growing.  Our backgrounds and culture very different.  Some days it seemed like such a stretch to find the commonality in our existence.  It did come with time. 

My heart has grown at least three sizes if not more.  I didn’t realize it was possible but here we are now and I cannot imagine life without this young man.

He is preparing to be confirmed in the Lutheran church.  I never thought I would find myself so intrinsically involved in a faith that was not my own.  Life is funny like that.  I’ve learned to love and appreciate a good group of people that I have spent a great deal of time with the last eight years of my life. 

I had to hold back the tears this morning as we prepared the last breakfast fundraiser for his DC trip to Washington.  Not tears of sadness but love for the time that I have been honored to spend with this young man.  We have evolved into a loving and trusting relationship.  Although I did not give birth to him, I thank his mother for that.  I am a parent and he is my son.

I look forward to many years ahead with this boy of mine.  I look forward to many years ahead with each of my kids.  No matter how old they become, they will always be my babies ♥.