Daring to…Let Go part 2

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement.  I am a few days into the experience and yes there is a light.  Not that anything outwardly has changed, but I am experiencing a sense of peace.  Life is full of rich experiences and this is one of those, “How am I going to reflect on this experience?”  The way I see it I have two choices.  I can say “thank you” to the Powers that be and realize that great internal growth is happening or I can feel slighted and upset for what I perceive as ingratitude.  Both choices are very real to me and I leaned towards the slighted theory at first because that was the easiest to accept (no internal work on my part if I choose this option).  However after thinking about the situations at hand, I realize that this is just another opportunity for spiritual growth.

“Life is a chance to grow a soul.”~ Powell Davies

Life goes on, so will I.