I Dance Anyway

4fe1ff4939e2dbd987fa04e00b435bb8For years I have had a story inside of me.  It surfaced a few years back and I began the process.  Then one day, I put my journal away and went back to work.  It felt like the journey wasn’t finished and the story had more chapters.  It is a fictional story loosely based on true characters.  The main character faces many challenges in her journey.  She deals with her problems from a unique vantage.  My hope is that people will be able to relate to the characters and recognize the dynamics in their own life.

An excerpt from the beginning:

She looked beyond the horizon hoping to find the answers in the colors.  Such beauty she thought.  How would she get past the wall this time?  The sky seemed so limitless and expansive.  The air, filled with ever changing possibility. Yet her feet were planted firmly in the ground.  If she were a sapling, she would break in half from the wind  What would it take for her to pull her feet up and change direction?

The clouds began moving and the sun peeked it’s head out to warm her shoulders.  The feeling of warmth began to flow through her veins.  It became so hot, she had no choice but to move.  Her foot lifted, free from the heavy burdens that were on her shoulders.  She took another step forward and then another.  The horizon was still in sight.  She looked up to the sky and realized the rainbow that was hidden from her.  She smiled and had an urge to skip in the street.  With child-like abandon she moved with a deeper purpose.  She was put on earth to be fearless.  The world was colorful again and she was ready for the next chapter in her life.

Here’s to the beginning!



Dare to Follow Your Dreams

“I can’t do that!  I’m too short, curvy, and my nose is too long.”  That was my inner voice bully in response to modeling.  She can be so mean at times!   Luckily I have learned to hush the rambling and move on in spite of her.  Modeling is a hobby for me.  I may not be a runway bea18403879_10154677382347426_774723773989012061_outy but I CAN be a great example of courage for others who want to do something that they think is impossible.

Do you have dreams that you are afraid to follow?  I dare you to begin.  Do what scares you most.  That is where the greatest accomplishments arise.  Be that person that shakes and trembles and does it anyway.  I’m rooting for you!

We rise by lifting others.


For all of the Mom’s out there – Happy Mothers Day ♥

A big thank you to the photographer that believes in my dreams – Joseph Hernandez.  You are insanely gifted!

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Why I Wear a Superhero Shirt on Fridays


One day a week I indulge my belief that I have superpowers and wear a Superhero shirt.  This could be misconstrued as ego but let me share my “why”. 

Growing up I had it in my head that one day I would find my knight in shining armor.  It’s a romantic thought but not very empowering.  Why would I need someone to “rescue” me?  I threw that childhood story out and created a new one.  The new main character was no longer a hero but a heroine.  She rode her own horse and didn’t need to be rescued from anything because she had the courage and strength to do things for herself. 

A few years back I began to wear to superhero shirts to work on Fridays as part of a campaign.  No longer with the company, I continue to embrace my inner superhero.  Quirky?  Maybe.  But Fridays give me an opportunity to remember who I am and hopefully inspire others to embrace their own superpowers.


Make Winter Your Season


The days grow shorter, the leaves fall from the trees and winter approaches. Animals hibernate and people “settle in” for the cold season. Even trees seem to come to a complete halt. But trees possess a magic in the winter that allows them to survive. On a molecular level, tree membranes become pliable and the fluid within the living cells becomes like an antifreeze.    This process changes the tree cell viscosity to where cells appear solid which increases the tree’s survival rate. Why would this matter to you? Trees appear dormant in the winter. But are they REALLY dormant? Absolutely not! They are busy changing on the inside to prepare for the harsh winter conditions that may come their way. Not all winters are difficult but they prepare nonetheless.

Will you survive your “winter”? What are you doing to prepare?

Are You Living Small?

Just when you think you are at the top of your game … BOOM!  I had a sudden realization that although I loved my job and my co-workers, I was not living up to my potential.  I had two choices: 1.  stay in the discontent of living small or 2. take a good look in the mirror and see where I could make improvement.

After attending two life changing events (UPW Dallas and Masterminds – more on this later), I began to feel sad and somewhat depressed.  What if there was more to life than just smooth sailing?  I watched as Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy took the stage and spoke about taking massive action and the compound effect of small changes over time.  Although both had different angles on making a change, the messages were similar.  A different outcome would require a different approach.

Einstein’s explanation of insanity began to make sense – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

It became rather clear to me that personal change was not an option but a necessity!  The changes began in June of 2016.  The fear set in pretty deep and I developed migraines so painful that I had to take a week off of work.  I realize looking back that the headaches were a manifestation of the fear of change.

As Tony Robbins says quite often, I made the jump and, “Burned the Boats”.  No turning back now!  I’m happy to say that I am deeply out of my comfort zone and that’s okay.  It is both humorous and exhilarating.

“Life happens outside of your comfort zone.”

If you want to kick start your life, try doing something different.  Hire a life or business coach, attend a motivational conference, read about your favorite successful business leaders and emulate what they do.   Let your discontent fuel you to make a change.  Time to stop living small and LIVE LARGE!




Facing the Bully


How do I admit at the age of 47 that I still listen to a bully?

She appeared about six months ago. At first she just made a comment or two about my job performance.  I was giving it my all to make the new endeavor a success.  Her snide remarks were quite unnerving.  Why couldn’t she simply encourage me?  A kind word goes a long way.

Next came the biting remarks.  “You make too many mistakes.  Stop while you are ahead.”  Wow!  Was that necessary?

She began to dig in and make comments about my appearance.  “I noticed the dimples on your legs.  You might want to do something about that.”  She began to focus on my physical appearance.  Every day it was something new.  “Hey, you have age spots on your neck.  You might want to try some of that skin lightening cream.”

It has taken a while to get my belly full of the bullying.  It stops now!

It’s time to shut her up and show a little love.  That bully is none other than myself.

The voice of the bully can be brutal.  It squashes dreams and keeps us from being the best that we can be.  The best way to get rid of the negative voice is to practice self-love and compassion.  Even though I know this, it can be a tall order at times.

When the bully appears, take the time to understand why and let it go.  Fear comes in many forms.




The Art of Letting Go…to Get What You Really Want

Stop planning and begin embracing the Here and Now. I remember almost seven years ago, how I planned to work for a year and then quit my job to write a book. I had everything planned out and set expectations on how it would happen. Guess what? I am still with the same company and STILL writing my book!

Here is what I have realized:
1. Everything happens in Universal (God’s) time.
2. I am not in control of every step.
3. Work has been a blessing. I have had a lot of growth and experience in my job. In turn that experience has helped me to develop my gifts and talents.
4. Bloom where you are planted!

If you have a vision, desire, plan – you must do what you can to make it happen and then let go of all expectations. Allow it to come to you.

To sum it up:
1. Be centered, assured, believe in self. The more you believe the faster it will happen.
2. Let go of fear and negativity associated with past.
3. Let go of the need to plan.
4. Don’t question – ACCEPT!
5. Acknowledge that there is a Universal time that you do not control.

Embrace the art of letting go. Stay fluid and release physical attachments. Be grateful for all that happens in your life. You may be unaware of the path that you need to take in order to get to where you want to go.

Do It Anyway!

A note from my Higher Self to Me:

There will be days when you will be afraid to do something….do it anyway!

There will be days when you feel like you cannot give another breath of energy to your purpose…do it anyway!

There will be days when you question your purpose and become filled with fear….do it anyway!

There will be days when others will try to discourage you from your passion…do it anyway!

The only journey to filling your life purpose is through the doubt, fear, and being out of your comfort zone.

Like the caterpillar that spends its days crawling on the ground wishing it could fly.  It takes stages of growth to ultimately become the butterfly.  If there was no struggle, the caterpillar could not transform into the winged creature who takes flight.

Butterfly stages


The Surprise Gift

The greatest gift

I’m back! Life ebbs and flows. Some days and even months are outwardly expressive and times that the expression must take an inward turn. That is where I have found myself for nine months now. Like a pregnancy, I am ready to give birth to the next chapter in my life. Thank you all for being a part of this process.

I had a major epiphany a few weeks ago and my soul begs me to share. So here goes:

It was a beautiful morning commute to work and I had time to listen to a talk show on Hay House Radio. The topic was loving unconditionally. I pondered what it meant to truly love someone without judgement, ego, and personal filters. The week before had been emotionally difficult. Anyone with a Brady Bunch family can understand the complexities of relationships that go with divorce. I was dealing with my feelings towards someone who I believe is creating harm to themself and others. I was in a state of conflict, wanting to love this person but not liking their actions. The show continued and a brilliant flash of light came to me in the form of a thought. “Why don’t I send this person flowers and tell her that I love her?”. I could tell her that we are all in this together. In this race of life, no one gets left behind. The goal is not to “win” but finish the race with everyone. No soul falls to the wayside. We look after one another and pick them up when they have given up on themselves. My energy quickly shifted and I began to cry. I was so moved by the love that I felt in my heart. I saw her as someone who needs love, not as the menace I perceived her to be in my life. The love that poured into me and through me was only what I can describe as “Heavenly”. I can’t tell the story without being moved to tears. It was such a beautiful place to be. I saw her divine soul and realized that we all have our path in life. I wanted her to feel the love that I felt. I wanted her to be happy. That was it, as soon as I got to my office, I was going to order flowers and send them to her. I sat in this beautiful love about 15 minutes. Then other thoughts came into my mind. What if she does not take the flowers and message as I intended? She might misread my actions. Doubt began to set in about sending the flowers. So I asked my guides (angels) to let me know in a very clear way if this was a good idea.

I got to work and went on with my day as usual. No clear message came to me and I ended up not sending the flowers.

A few days later, driving to work, another great epiphany came to me. I heard my guide tell me, “The flowers were not for her, they were for you”. I literally gasped as I got the message. What? For me? Then the message began to take shape. Although sending flowers to her sounded like such a wonderful idea, it was the idea itself that was the gift. I allowed my heart to completely open and see her as divine and that released me from toxic thoughts. The gift was indeed mine.

You can listen to Hay House Radio free on your computer or smart phone by going to their webpage and downloading the app. Be inspired and motivated by their 24 hour station that broadcasts many Motivational Speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and many more.

The Baker and His Dream


The baker sat at his table one morning dreaming of the perfect cake.  His coffee was percolating,  just as loudly as his brain was, with ideas.  He looked through his kitchen window and saw the dew drops nestled delicately on the flower petals in his garden.  He felt inspired to walk outside and get a closer look at his prized peace rose-bush.  The scent of freshness wafted through his nasal passages and he took a deep breath in.  What a beautiful day it would be.  He was inspired to create something extraordinary that would look, smell and taste delicious.

As he rummaged through his pantry he began to find the basic ingredients he would need for his special cake.  He found baking powder, salt, flour, sugar, none of which sounded extraordinary to him.   How would he make these things come together and become a masterpiece?  As he pulled his mixing bowl out of the cabinet he thought about the process.  He could create the mixture and stir it until it became a smooth liquid but that is as far as he could go.  At first he felt troubled by his limitations and felt that he would not be able to carry out his masterpiece that day.  Just as sadness set in, an idea began to take shape in his thoughts.  What if…what if he involved something greater than himself to help him create the masterpiece?  He realized that he had done his part.  The mixture was poured into a glass pan and he handed it over to the Oven.  The Oven lovingly accepted the mixture and began to work its magic.  He watched through the window as the ingredients began to take a different form. The smell permeated his kitchen and once again he breathed in deeply and enjoyed the scent.  Before his very eyes magic was taking place!  The individual ingredients began to unify and rise into a single beautiful form.  He was grateful to the Oven.  In that moment he realized that he had let go and trusted the Oven to do its work.  His raw ingredients had transformed into a beautiful cake.

When you have done all that you can do, let go and let the “Oven” in your life help you to transform the creation that you have in mind for yourself. 

This story is dedicated to all of my friends who are creating their own “cakes”.