Giving Birth to 2012

I looked down at my stomach and could not believe my eyes!  I was two weeks short of giving birth and I kept thinking to myself that I didn’t look that far along.  I rationalized that the timing must be off.  Two weeks left until the “due date” and I felt so unprepared.

This is the place that I found myself in this bright and early morning.  In a haze where reality is woven into the pieces of my deepest fears and grandest dreams.  As an amateur dream decoder, even I get that the “pregnancy” is a new beginning.  But in my dream I felt unprepared, not ready.  I suppose that most people feel a little unprepared when they embark on a new journey.  There is no room for that kind of energy in my world now.  I have a trail to blaze for God’s sake!

So why share the struggle?  Because I know that there are plenty of people out in cyberland who share these feelings with me.  Admitting my fears simply allows me to be human and move on to greatness.  It is time to lovingly embrace all that we are now and what we will become.  There is no shame in knowing our challenges.  The shame lies in knowing and doing nothing about it.

It IS time to give birth to the creations of our hearts.  Close your eyes and envision you in your “Happy Place”.  Where is it?  What are you doing there?  What does that look like to you?  How does it make you feel?  If your “Happy Place” seems a bit grandiose, then break it down into steps.  Imagine yourself getting closer to this place with each forward step that you take.

If you feel anxious about creating from your heart remember this:

Excitement and anxiety are the same energy.  You can choose to be excited (positive side of the energy) or anxious (negative side of the energy). 

I am claiming 2012 as the Year of the Nike.  It is time to JUST DO IT!


Author: Dina Neatherlin

Author, Intuitive, Transformation Coach

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