Goodbye 2011! Don’t Come Back!!!

It is no secret that 2011 has not been my personal favorite year.  I am ready to pack it up and send it on its merry way to distant memories.  Ironically when I least like something it is usually an indicator that I have went through a tremendous spiritual growth spurt.  My, my how I have grown this year, if I do say so myself!  Are you with me?  Because I do not think that I am alone in this.

If I could put a name on 2011 it would be “The Spiritual Stretch Year”.  Lots of bending, stretching, reaching, sometimes snapping and learning how to be flexible.  It certainly does not come natural to stretch outside of the comfort zone but it is the only way to grow.

There are lots of experiences that I have turned around and used as a springboard to become a better person – but not without a few temper tantrums and choice words first.  I have not been the ideal student.  There were times that I asked the Universe – “What the hell did I do to have to deal with this kind of karma???”  The Universe has a rich sense of humor.  I did not angry the Gods but merely encouraged them with my questions to bring on more challenges.  Yes, that IS the way it works.  Ask and you shall receive.

Looking forward to 2012, I am putting it out there now that I would like to learn perhaps through second-hand knowledge.  I do not have to jump in the fire every time to learn that the fire is hot.  It is a teaching ground rich in experiences but I am gladly passing that classroom on to someone else.  Any takers???  (*disclaimer – be ready to put on your bootstraps and hang on for dear life.  It will be the ride of your life).

So what is next?  The Refiner’s fire proved to very beneficial.  I’m ready to show off my new polished self.  There are still a few rough edges but 2012 is the year to shine and just be.  Just be me.

Where will 2012 take you?




Author: Dina Neatherlin

Author, Intuitive, Transformation Coach

4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011! Don’t Come Back!!!”

  1. You have taught more then you know by participating in the class of life. Your now self placed position of being in the 2nd hand knowledge group does not make you any less important to those who depend on you even if they don’t even know it. I know and many around you know, you will blaze the trails for them, because they expect it from you and you will not let them down.


  2. Wow! Just what I needed to be reminded of Joe. I’m not following any path, I’m blazing my own trail…thanks for the inpsiration.

    p.s. This message can apply to anyone who is inclined to do so. If you dare, keep me updated on your travels 🙂


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